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Online Remote Backup

Online Backup is must have backup strategy. It is one of the best disaster recovery option.  Call us today how it can help to keep your data secure.

Quick and Easy Setup – Your first data backup could be underway within 15 minutes of signing up.

Automatic, scheduled, offsite data backup – You don’t need to worry about ongoing data backup, leaving you to concentrate on your business.

Backup open files – In windows environments our Online Data Backup solutions are able to backup files that are in use, meaning that data backups can take place during working hours.

Incremental backup – Only changed files are backed up, meaning backups are smaller, quicker and will consume less bandwidth.

Data compression – Before sending a backup to the Online Data Backup server your data is compressed to increase the speed of the data backup process.

Single file restore – With just a few mouse clicks, specific lost files can be restored allowing you to get back to business quickly and easily.