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IT Security And Compliance

Protection of IT infrastructure from any unauthorized access including virus, spams, malwares and theft or hacking could be termed as IT Security. And the effective and legal standard used to prevent these is termed as IT compliance. These factors could certainly affect your IT structure on a major scale resulting in slowing of your entire business process; and at times it becomes an expensive task to overcome such problems.

At Dotline Infotech, we understand that managing your business and ensuring the security of your important business data simultaneously, could turn out to be a vital task for you. And to keep away from such disastrous situation we offer you a complete range of IT Security and Compliance services. Our service helps you in reducing such risks, as it proactively takes measures to avoid such situations. Our IT Security and Compliance Services includes:

  • Anti Virus and Anti Spam services – installing and configuration of required antivirus and antispam software for your computers and servers.
  • Firewall services – Firewall solutions to keep your IT secure from thefts, malwares and hackers. And configuring it on optimum security performance based on your business and IT needs.
  • Security Hotfix – Installation and configuration of Security Hotfixes.
  • Security Policy – Implementation of effective and complete IT Security Policy
  • Security Settings on Servers and Server Compliance – Installation and Configurations of Firewalls, Antivirus and other security software solutions on your servers.
  • Share Data Access Control
  • User Revalidation and User deletion