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Network Support

Network downtime is usually frustrating and can end up being very costly to your company. Modern computer networks must be reliable, flexible and help to make your business more efficient. This is why, it is important that you trust the installation and support of your voice and data network to the specialists.

We design, install and support numerous types of cabling infrastructures such as Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a and high-speed fibre. Dotline on a regular basis install and test elements to the awaited Category 7 requirements. Our infrastructures are capable of supporting a minimum of Gigabit Ethernet.. Our Network IT Support Solutions includes:

Structured Network Cabling  Voice and Data
Who better to entrust with your cabling than a team of licensed professionals who’re reliant on perfect network cabling connectivity? We never cut corners and we assure every single cabling installation.

  • CAT5, CAT5E, CAT6, Coax, Fibre
  • All installations tested and labeled
  • PABX Installation
  • VOIP Solutions

Office Networking
Your office space might be small or big, and you could be in a need of effective Networking IT solutions. Keeping this aspect in mind we provide you the best office networking solutions based on your individual needs and type of work or required area of your office. It also includes installation and configuration of appropriate servers if required, consultation of type of server, switch/ router and modem requirement and management of your network. Our Networking professionals has the expertise on working, installation and configuration of various networking platforms such as Windows Server, Linux and CISCO, providing you the best solutions for your office networking requirement. We also provides monitoring and maintenance services to overcome any conflicts in the network which may arise.

Wireless Network
You may prefer to carry a laptop or WIFI enabled cell phone/ gadgets in your office. At this point of moment wired network might not work as appropriate solutions, as every time you have to insert a networking cable to stay in touch with your network or internet. To avoid these issues we also provide you with the Wireless Network services for your business needs. It includes installation and configuration of wireless networks, installation and selection of proper and appropriate WIFI router or modem, configuration of your WIFI enabled laptops, computers and cell phones or any other gadgets.

Virtual Private Network commonly known as VPN uses internet as a medium and provides secure remote access network services between the offices located in different locations. At Dotline Infotech, we provide state of the art VPN services to you, so that you can stay connected and in touch with your business no matter where they are located. This includes configuration, installation and monitoring.