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Managed IT Services

No matter what size your business is, or what industries it serves, IT plays an important task in it and due to your ongoing business process, sometimes it becomes difficult for you to manage your business IT infrastructure, which indeed is an essential task. With a complete understanding of importance of IT infrastructure in your organization, Dotline Infotech with IT outsourcing has develop the most robust and effective IT Management services to fulfill your business requirements. Our services are catered to all size of business, small, medium and large ensuring that your computer and network system works in tip-top condition.

Our Managed IT Services provides the most prominent solutions covering all the major areas of your complete IT infrastructure and the benefits and advantages of our business IT services includes:

  • Proactively and frequently planned maintenance for your complete IT Infrastructure, Server and complete network administration as well, and to make sure that your whole outsourced IT process is running smoothly.
  • Ongoing Server examines and automatic repairs for faults and other abnormalities with the help of the utmost technology and help to reduce the problems and their impacts, thereby reducing your cost of fixing them.
  • Phone support, remote access support and onsite support to meet your individual specific requirement.
  • Providing you with the access to complete team of professional IT Technicians.
  • Support on all the various operating systems such as MAC, windows, linux etc.
  • Cost effective solution, as you don’t need to hire the IT technician or IT Staff.
  • Budget analysis and reports for your IT cost cutting.
  • Most time saving services.
  • Protecting and securing your complete business organization in terms with your important data, with antivirus and anti spam solutions and services.
  • Ensuring data back-up security with utmost data-back solutions and services.
  • Giving you a complete peace of mind, as you don’t need to worry about your IT infrastructure even if you don’t have the required or qualified IT Staff in your team.

With your continuous business process and in constant move to meet the steady need of the customers, it may be difficult for you to manage your IT Infrastructure; however Dotline Infotech could give you a complete composure by providing the state of the art Managed IT Services.