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Backup Monitoring

It is essential way to secure the data by taking regular back up, and backup monitoring keeps the track and resolves any issues related to backup and regular test restores gives you complete a peace of mind at times when you require back your data the most.

Prevention is better than cure, keeping this aspect in mind we primarily focus on preventing your data getting damage. With well strategized and groomed services focused on data security we provide effective measures to protect your data and make sure that necessary and frequent back-ups are maintained for it. This includes:

  • Recommendations of what data should be taken for backup and how frequently the backup should be done.
  • Monitoring and examining of your backups on a daily basis by our experienced technicians.
  • Generating reports on the status of backups, whether success or failure and reporting it back to our clients.
  • Our skilled technicians examine the backups carefully and resolve any issues or problems that may arise during the backup process.
  • Determining the status of backup media such as backup tapes or backup USB devices, and reminding the customer about its change whenever required. It also includes recommendations of how frequently the backup devices should be changed.
  • Frequent checks on your backup logs and restore points. And scheduling test restore to make sure that the restore process is going smoothly and you get your data at the time when you require, without any failure.
  • In case if you would like to keep an extra copy of your backup then we do provide with offsite back up facility and for crucial times we do configure online back services which comes in handy for disaster recovery.

Our experienced IT technicians study and examines your IT infrastructure and provides you with the appropriate backup solutions pertaining to your business needs. They keep the daily track of your backups and takes necessary preventive steps to resolve any issue in the backup process, and also do test restore ensuring that the backup and restore both is working smoothly.