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Why Us

Why should you choose Dotline Infotech?

In fact there are not one but several points to choose Dotline Infotech.

  • No need to hire an IT technician or Staff – With our services you may never need to hire an IT technician or IT staff which at times proves to be expensive and time consuming option.
  • We work as your dedicated IT department – Our expertise team of IT technicians will work as your own IT department and will provide you with a complete solution for your IT requirements.
  • Providing you both onsite and online/ remote support – Our services comes with both onsite and offsite support based on your individual and business specific requirements, it includes our Phone support services and Secure Remote support services.
  • Installation and configuration of IT infrastructure – We provide you installation and configuration of your complete IT infrastructure, starting from cabling, configuring of desktops, laptops, servers and networks, installation and configurations of operating systems, servers and software applications.
  • Best and world class IT services – With the help of our expertise and skilled team of IT engineers, certified on various technologies we provide you the best and world class IT services.
  • Most prominent and fixed cost solutions – Our IT services comes at fixed cost, based solely on your individual specific requirement or based on your business specific requirement, this makes us to provide you with the most prominent IT solutions.
  • Great Consultancy services – We also provide state of the art consultancy services which eventually helps you in reducing your IT cost and improving your overall business process.
  • Cloud Server Consultants – Our Consultants have great experience and skills to provide you the expertise consultancy for cloud server.
  • Complete IT solutions from one place – We provide you complete range of IT Solutions, which includes IT consultancy, IT maintenance, IT security, installations and configurations, Network, desktop and IT server support, monitoring and compliance.
  • Fast Services – We make sure that our IT services are always in time ensuring the smoothness of your business process.
  • Effective IT Server support – With our immense knowledge and qualified and certified technical staff having adequate knowledge on almost all the server platforms, we provide you with most effective IT Server Support solutions.
  • Based in Australia – We are based in Australia, and provide onsite services in all the metro area of Sydney, and virtually across Australia with our secure remote access software.