Fixed Cost Plan

Everyone can afford excellence with us…

At Dotline, we deliver fixed cost IT solutions for your business, rendering consistency and predictability throughout. Our experience has helped us gain adequate amount of domain knowledge to determine the expected time period for completion of common IT tasks. As a result, we can come up with fixed cost plans that are quite competitive. Our plans ensure that the resources you spend for availing IT solutions are evenly spread across your business operations.

  • Complete SupportThrough this plan, our IT engineers ensure reduced downtime along with a steady solution to your issues. Complete support is provided throughout the week on business hours, or even extended hours. You will also get the non-stop guidance of our help desk team. All these come at a fixed monthly fee. The major services that this comprehensive plan includes are onsite support for PCs, servers and other IT infrastructure, telephone support, online support, server support, firewall management, backup maintenance and monitoring, system health check, printer installation, user management, and many more.
  • Online SupportThis is an economical plan for small and medium businesses. With this, we offer services like your in-house IT department but at a much lesser cost. Our professionals would be resolving all the IT issues that might crop up on a day to day basis through connection to pcs, mac, servers, iPhone or Blackberry remotely, using the most updated technology. Within this fixed cost IT support plan, our services incorporate online support, firewall management, network maintenance and monitoring, telephone support, PC support, system audits, and so on.
  • Pre-Paid SupportCustomized for small and medium businesses, this plan can be bought in advance and discounts are offered based on the amount of work. With this, you can avail all the services along with the support of a dedicated team. The benefit of this plan is that you get the required level of support and that too at a discounted price. Onsite services required for migration, maintenance or installation are also included in this plan. This plan can be purchased as a 10 hour pack for $990 or as a 20 hour pack for $1760.
  • Pay As You GoThis plan looks after your essential technical problems, enabling you to work on your primary competencies and get an edge over your competitors. The Pay As You Go plan is design to cater to the changing needs of businesses.

Select your choicest plan and give us the opportunity to build you a solid IT infrastructure.

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