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With the increasing popularity of the internet across the globe and the huge growth in the number of users, it is vital for businesses to create a strong online presence to sustain in the long run. Businesses with robust web platforms have a far greater chance to get noticed amongst prospects, and create a powerful brand image. Given this, web development has become one of the most sought after services in the recent years.

Moreover, as the world goes more and more mobile, customers are trying to access information not only from desktops or laptops but also from the varied mobile devices that have come up. Hence, to cope up with the numerous challenges offered by modern browsers and parameters such as device compatibility, businesses are approaching acclaimed web development companies for creation of result-oriented, technically sound websites and web apps, through effective design and programming.

The team of professionally trained experts at Dotline is adept at developing customized websites across different technology platforms, taking into consideration the associated information architecture, technical documentation as well as functional specifications. Our specializations include crafting tailor-made solutions pertaining to simple websites, content managed sites, social media apps, iPhone, Android, or other mobile apps, and so on.

Dotline’s comprehensive solutions include:

  • Ecommerce Development- Scalable, functional and easily navigable websites are provided which heightens the shopping experience and invites customers to purchase online.
  • Custom Web Development- Such websites are critical to business success and incorporate a variety of features like business web apps, advanced custom reporting, PDF reporting, and so on.
  • .Net Development- We specialize in ASP .NET 2, 3, 5 and 4.0 development, incorporating modern technologies like AJAX and offering steady synchronization with social networks.
  • PHP Development- Powerful sites are crafted using perfect PHP programming includingmulti-language and multi-level structure along with features like forums, FAQ pages, online stores, and the like.
  • Mobile Application Development- To enable easy access to information and functionalities through mobile devices, we work upon a variety ofAndroidiPhone and Windows mobile applications.
  • HTML5 Development– It is one of the latest versions of HTML, which was always preferred for different web applications. We create feature-packed, high performance, HTML5 based websites and web apps.
  • Silverlight Development– Silverlight is a scalable and secure Microsoft-based technology which is mostly used for cross-browser and cross-platform development. It offers convenient integration with existing web apps like AJAX and ASP.NET.

Choose us because…

  • Our professionals understand that every business is different and hence cater to individual client needs with customized programming solutions.
  • We maintain a transparent and collaborative attitude in all our client interactions updating you at every stage of the development process.
  • Our developers, who are experienced in working with a range of web development tools, continually update their skills with the latest technologies.
  • At Dotline, you will get the most advanced solutions at unbeatable rates, delivered within a defined timeline.

If you want to rise above competition with the best programming solutions, contact Dotline, one of the leading web development companies in Sydney.

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