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Bringing flexibility and simplicity in IT Management…

Given the present scenario, it goes without saying that information technology plays a vital role so far as business operations are concerned. As a business expands and diversifies in due course of time, it often becomes difficult to manage the IT infrastructure, and this might lead to gaps in productivity. Going for efficient managed IT services is the need of the hour and Dotline Infotech offers you exactly what you need. With a highly flexible and tailor-made approach, we render a great opportunity to small, medium or large businesses to outsource their IT infrastructure, with noticeable results.

We understand that IT is crucial for almost every aspect of your business. Therefore, the experienced staff at Dotline focuses more on preventing a problem rather than fixing the same once it occurs and hampers operations. We consider it our prime duty to ensure that your network system and computers or laptops are always maintained in an efficient, working condition. In the rarest case that there is a problem, our proactive professionals are capable of seamlessly resolving it.

Our managed IT services in Sydney broadly cover the following areas:

  • Network management: We make network infrastructure management magically simple through our varied networking products including load balancing, firewall, wireless, LAN, content filtering and WAN optimization platforms.
  • Device management: Our solutions render support to a range of devices, such as tablets, laptops, desktops as well as mobile devices.
  • Server management: Server infrastructure is meticulously managed by our team to ensure that the vital IT services are always up and running. We cover an array of operating systems including Linux, Windows, MAC, and so on.
  • User support: Continual assistance is provided to your staff for network administration as well as management of daily IT activities.

With Dotline, it’s really different because…

  • As you partner with us, you won’t feel like working with an outsourcing agency, but we almost become a core team
  • We offer end-to-end system monitoring with performance reports as and when required.
  • Our specialists possess ample experience and expertise to ensure smooth running of the complete infrastructure, from server to network and device.
  • Extremely cost-effective and time saving service that aims at problem reduction through continual server examination and automatic repairs, leveraging the most updated technology.
  • Flexible solutions through onsite support, remote access support and phone support in order to meet customized business requirements.

Meet client’s demands like never before through continual support with our managed IT services in Sydney!

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