Backup and Recovery

Preparing for the worst, with the best…

A disaster like power failure, industrial dispute, hindrance in hardware upgrade, earthquake, fire, may happen anytime without information. As a responsible business owner, you should adopt the best disaster recovery plan to prevent the mishap from taking a toll on your business activities. It is a fact that a business cannot run efficiently in case its core IT system is disrupted, and it is the wisest option to turn to one of the best data backup solutions provider. The professional staff at Dotline Infotech indulges in effective backup monitoring to ensure that data is secured through regular backup.

We offer high-end disaster recovery in Sydney, guiding organizations in the restoration of disaster recovery schemes, and critical system restoration following an uneventful occurrence. Step by step assistance is provided in design, development and implementation of recovery plans. This in turn triggers the speedy restoration and continuation of vital IT functions, thereby preventing any long-term hindrance to the day-to-day business procedures.

Our data protection and restoration services incorporate the following:

  • Guidance on data backup including what data should qualify for the process, the frequency of the activity, as well as daily monitoring of backups.
  • Regular tracking of the process and generating reports regarding the success or failure of the same.
  • Identifying and promptly resolving any issues that arise during the implementation of data backup solutions.
  • Reporting status of backup devices such as USB drives and recommending the need for change, as and when necessary.
  • Business Continuity Management through regular scrutiny of backup logs and conduction of simulated tests to ensure smooth execution of the restoration procedure.
  • Offsite facility is available for those who require an extra copy and for critical needs, online backup services are available

We specialize in online remote backup, which is one of the most effective disaster recovery plans. With Dotline, you get quick installation of scheduled and automatic, offsite data backup system, wherein the process can continue uninterrupted during working hours.

Make Dotline your disaster recovery partner, because…

  • We provide you secure storage for all critical data, including licensing details, software and passwords.
  • With us, you get affordable and speedy support in case of any emergency.
  • We focus on minimizing your business risk, which in turn leads to gaining increased stakeholder confidence.
  • Our experienced employees are trained to assist in any kind of testing or disaster situations.

Contact us and be ready to boldly face any trying situation with our updated disaster recovery solutions in Sydney.

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