Echo Reporting Software – DICOM Reporting – Tempo Reports (Terms of Use)

Tempo Reports is a Windows application from Tempo Allegro designed to improve your ultrasound reporting and Echo reporting workflow.

Echocardiography reporting and Exercise Stress Test reporting are currently supported. We are working on support for Obstetric Ultrasound and Vascular Ultrasound. If you are interested in trialing these modalities contact us

How it Works:
Tempo Connect is a DICOM structured report server application which runs in the background on a computer attached to the ultrasound device via an ethernet cable. At study end the ultrasound machine sends a DICOM structured report containing all study measurements to Tempo Connect. Tempo Connect then stores all the patient data in a database and makes it available for reporting via Tempo Reports.

At the end of the study a new patient will appear in Tempo Reports ready for reporting. Double clicking the patient will give you a list of report templates that you can generate for this study. Just double click the one you want and your fully formatted report, complete with all measurement data will appear in Microsoft Word. You can use Word macros or auto-replace to quickly populate your report with commonly used phrases. When done simply save and close the document.

To mark a report as final simply open it, make any edits you need and click the Finalise Report button in the Tempo Tab of Word. Tempo Reports will mark the report as final. Now when you open the report the pdf will be launched in your default pdf viewer.

Integration with Practice Management Solutions
When a report is finalized. A copy of the pdf with a filename that contains the patient name, id and date of birth is exported to a directory that you choose in Tempo Connect Settings. This directory can then be used to import finalized reports into your practice management solution.


  1. Customized with Echo reporting in mind
  2. Seamless integration of cardiac medical testing devices.
  3. Fully customizable reporting with automatic data population.
  4. Eliminate the need for manual data entry, reduce errors and speed up reporting.
  5. Password protected login with full auditing
  6. Fully searchable database.
  7. Easily edit reports using all the rich features of Microsoft Word including macros and autoreplace for rapid reporting